Day 17

“Happy COVID-19 Easter Sunday” or “Day 17 of the National Lockdown”, the day when everything seemed to come apart…

I was admitted to hospital, by my GP, who suspected that I either had developed meningitis or COVID-19…

Honestly, COVID-19 seemed much more terrifying.

Mostly, because your mind starts running away with you…

“Where could I have contracted it? I’ve been following all the lockdown rules. I didn’t go out unnecessary, the only place I went was the hospital and the doctor’s office, because I contracted a massive UTI at the hospital.”

“Oh Dear God, if I have it, could my Mom and Dad have gotten it too… Did I give my Dad, who has a weakened immune system, COVID-19? What about the fact that my Mom has been driving me around the each doctor’s appointment? Who else could I infected?”

Now, if you’ve been to your local hospital since the outbreak began, you may have noticed some changes…

Like the fact that before you even enter the hospital, you are directed from one end to the opposite.

In my case, after arriving at A&E(as instructed by the doctor) with only my admission letter from the GP in hand, I was sent to the COVID-19 Staging Area, AKA the White Tents, on the opposite side of the hospital.

Being 12h45, you might have thought I would spend some time in the tents but no, I was merely asked my recent travel history and then immediately escorted in the hospital into a 2 bed COVID-19 isolation room.

A 2-bed room might seem silly for a isolation room but there is actually great logic to it.

The first bed is what one might consider a procedure bed. It basically just has the under linen and pillows.

Once all your diagnostic tests have been performed, it could take a few hours depending on what the doctor’s orders are; they have decided treatment plan and any intravenous lines that need to be set up are done you get moved over to the second bed.

The second bed is for the patient’s comfortable. It gets made up in full linens, can be adjusted via a remote control and is where you actually sleep for however long you are in the COVID-19 isolation area.

Day 18 – “The day of hope and ultimately, despair”.

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