The Pandemic Lockdown Diaries

Getting tested for COVID-19

More and more, there seems to be a great deal of misinformation regarding how exactly COVID-19 is diagnosed…

Tamiflu, chest x-rays a few days later… I’m going to be straight with you… It’s ALL bullsh*t. Really.

Having been through the experience, I explain the general process…

Firstly, if you’re presenting symptoms, but your condition isn’t severe enough to require a ambulance service, you go to your primary care provider. For me it was a GP at my local medical practice office I normally visit (kindly call ahead if you can, the staff appreciate knowing that you might be contagious).

Once the doctor has examined you and gone through the symptoms that you present, they will decide on whether or not it is likely that you have COVID-19.

If they believe that to be the case, you are given a letter to go get tested, or in more serious cases such as mine, I was to be admitted to hospital.

The testing takes place at a designated test site, in my case it was the hospital closest the medical centre.

Upon arriving at the hospital you are immediately directed to the COVID-19 staging area AKA “the white tents”. I’m pretty sure every available marquee in the country is now being used in these staging areas…

Once you arrive at the staging area, you will be meeting by medical staff wearing full PPE. In my cased, I noted that they seemed to be wearing double everything.

In the staging areas, your information is captured and you will be asked about your symptoms, recent travel history, your current living situation (this is critical for contact tracing, should you test positive), etc..

(Quick note: if you are being admitted to hospital, the priority is to get you into a isolated room so they don’t go into to much of the details above until you are in a bed. Bless their hearts for it. To learn more about the hospital experience see day 17 of the pandemic lockdown diaries.)

Once they have all the necessary information, you get taken into a closed cubicle or partition and then you will have either the back of your throat or the inside of your nasal passage swabbed.

And that’s basically it… You are done.

Afterwards, you will be informed of the time it is expected to take to receive your results(in most cases 24 to 48 hours) and it will be recommended that you return home and strictly self-isolate.

For anyone who is wondering why I stated Tamiflu or chest x-rays are B.S. it’s pretty simple…

Firstly, Tamiflu is a drug specifically designed to treat influenza viruses. COVID-19 is not influenza, but a severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. Equating the two viruses as being similar, is like equating the flu with tuberculosis. They are mostly certainly NOT the same.

Secondly, when the first symptoms of COVID-19 appear they are rather subtle. Now it is recognised that the loss of smell may be one of the first symptoms that patients suffer, along with diarrhoea and vomiting. Not exactly things one can tell just by looking at a chest x-ray.

It’s also worth noting that in young adults, there may be little to no problems with the lungs but rather it has noted that they suffer from problems related to their blood clotting factors.

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