The Pandemic Lockdown Diaries

Day 120

“Day 120 or the Great Realisation…”

It has finally occurred to me what has happened over these last 120 days of the National Lockdown…

Brace yourselves, people, the truth maybe hard for some to hear.

“We’re all 13 again!”

Seriously, in fact, it is like being 13 again…

Curfew, no joy rides, no parties, no sleep overs, no smoking, no drinking.

And most definitely, NO strange boys, by which they mean the late night Uber Eats delivery guy…

The Pandemic Lockdown Diaries

Day 34

“Day 34”: A little bit of clarity on Level 4 Lockdown.

On Level 4, you will be allowed to exercise between 06h00 and 09h00.

Exercising in groups and clubs will NOT be allowed.

Restaurants will be allowed to offer takeaway services.

No alcohol may be sold.

No cigarettes or tabacco products will be sold.

The Pandemic Lockdown Diaries

Day 32

“Day 32 – Freedom Day under Lockdown”

Today, I am writing this post earlier than normal but it seems appropriate.

Today, I want to say how grateful I am for the leadership that has been shown by so many during the National Lockdown.

I don’t think it can be stressed enough how necessary it was to institute the National Lockdown, in order to prevent the rampant spread of COVID-19.

I’d also like mention that the Republic of Cuba has sent 200 medical doctors to South Africa, to help us fight against this pandemic.

Many people may be aware of my feelings regarding economic sanctions against nation states, but if not, I truly believe sanctions are economic terrorism. More especially, against countries such as Cuba and Iran.

The Pandemic Lockdown Diaries

Getting tested for COVID-19

More and more, there seems to be a great deal of misinformation regarding how exactly COVID-19 is diagnosed…

Tamiflu, chest x-rays a few days later… I’m going to be straight with you… It’s ALL bullsh*t. Really.

Having been through the experience, I explain the general process…

The Pandemic Lockdown Diaries

The Pandemic Lockdown Diaries…

As of midnight March 26, 2020, South Africa has entered a National Lockdown to try prevent the spread of COVID-19.

So I have dedicated a small section of the website to the Pandemic Lockdown Diaries…

I have included my own personal experience about being hospitalised and tested for COVID-19.