Love Is In The Air…

Firstly, let me say I absolutely adore the new splash screen for Klondike.


Klondike Energy

As I mentioned in my first post about Klondike, energy is slow to regenerate.

Keep Livestock:
At the end of the livestock production limit they turn into a gold statue that gives you sweets for the cauldron.

Chicken and Geese turn into candy piece.

  • A chicken will give you 4 🍬 candy 🍬 pieces.
  • A goose will give you 5 🍬 candy 🍬 pieces.

Cows and Sheep turn into Nougat pieces:
  • And finally Pigs turn into cupcakes


Klondike – The game that teaches you patience…

So most recently I’ve gotten really into “Klondike Adventures” for Android by Vizor Apps LTD. and I love it. The only thing is you require energy to complete tasks, and you get 1 energy unit every 90 seconds. If you want to succeed in this game, you will need patience and quite a lot of it.

Overall, I’d give it a 5 star rating… Just gotta be patient.