America On Fire

Last Monday, people the world over watched the video of a man, we now know to be George Floyd, dying at the hands of 4 police officers.

One week later, we see curfews imposed and the National Guard called in many states, after widespread rioting, looting and arson.

Whilst Mr. Floyds may have been the match that lit a powder keg of events currently unfolding, it hardly seems unlikely that it is the sole reason behind it.

The scale of rioting seems disproportional to the event. I say this in no way to diminish the fact that George Floyd was murdered. I repeat: MURDERED.

In my mind, the real underlying causes are poverty, record unemployment, incoming inequality, a militarized police state and systemic failures in the American Justice System; all exasperated by the fact that people have been forced to stay in their houses, socially isolated from friends and loved ones, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Curfews are somewhat pointless, especially in states like New York State. I’m quite certain that most New Yorkers’ stopped listening to Gov. Andrew Cuomo five weeks ago…

Or how about the mayor of NYC? The NYPD plowing their SUVs into crowds and kicking and pointing guns at protesters is showing “tremendous restraint,” says New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Were we watching the same cops?

“Tremendous restraint”?

If you think you have heard those words before, you’ve probably been listening to certain Mainstream Media News Channel like CNN…

Chris Cuomo used the phrase.

The mainstream media are compliant bedfellows the establishment and oligarchs.

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